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The SoilMan project targets ecosystem services driven by the diversity of soil biota under agricultural management.

SoilMan conducts a systematic ecological, economic and political assessment of soil biodiversity in typical European agricultural systems.

SoilMan assesses the impact of soil management practices on the provision of ecosystem services by soil organisms.

SoilMan identifies indicators to quantify soil functions and multiple soil-related ecosystem services in different biogeographic regions in Europe.

SoilMan provides ways how to incentivise farmers to better protect soils and shows how to further valorise soil-based ecosystem services through policy.

SoilMan develops recommendations for the agricultural sector on sustainable soil management practices to make the best use of soil biota with regards to profitability and societal demands.

This project receives funding under the European ERA-Net BiodivErsA.

SoilMan is coordinated by the Center of Biodiversity and Sustainable Land Use, University of Göttingen, Germany (Martin Potthoff).