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Lijbert Brussaard
Soil Biodiversity for Regenerative Agriculture (Link)

Katharina Helming
Sustainability assessment of agricultural soil management (Link)

Martin Potthoff & Martin Banse
How can policy strengthen the synergies between agriculture and soil biodiversity? (Link)

Session I

Birgit Lang
Effects of earthworm activity on bulk density - a meta-analysis (Link)

Giulia Bongiorno
Reduced tillage, but not organic matter input, has increased nematode diversity and food web stability in European long-term field experiments (Link)

Maarja Öpik
Plant symbiotic mycorrhizal fungi in agriculture (Link)

Session II

Pia Euteneuer
Earthworms affect decomposition of soil-borne plant pathogen Sclerotinia sclerotiorum in a cover crop field experiment (Link)

Monika Joschko
X-ray CT assessment of soil structure: a tool for monitoring soil biota driven ecosystem services in agricultural soils (Link)

Svenja Meyer
European mesofauna under drought stress - Evidence from wheat fields (Link)

Kevin Hoeffner
Do crop rotations including temporary grassland improve soil ecosystem services? (Link)

Session III

Catherine Milou
The role of collective action at a territorial level in promoting agroecological practices. A case study of a deliberation process between farmers and consumers (Link)

Poster pitches

Lea Spelzhausen
Towards an improved understanding of carbon sequestration in grassland soils – the impact of soil fauna (Link)

Manuel Anguita-Maeso
Plant genotype, soil and climate as drivers of the olive microbiome composition (Link)

Vivien Schwarz
Influence on soil aggregation by mycorrhizal inoculation of maize on a sandy soil (Link)

Snapshots from the SoilMan project

Ulfert Graefe
The perfomance of microannelid communities at SoilMan sites (Link Poster and Link presentation)