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Scientific publications

Bruns, T. D., Corradi, N., Redecker, D., Taylor, J. W., Öpik, M. (2017): Glomeromycotina: what is a species and why should we care? New Phytologist, doi: 10.1111/nph.14913.

Lekberg, Y., Vasar, M., Bullington, L. S., Sepp, S.-K., Antunes, P. M., Bunn, R., Larkin, B.G., Öpik, M. (2018): More bang for the buck? Can arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities be characterized adequately alongside other fungi using general fungal primers? New Phytologist. doi: 10.1111/nph.15035.

Potthoff, M., Pérès, G., Taylor, A., Schrader, S., Landa, B., Nicolai, A., Sandor, M., Öpik, M., Guzmán, G., Bergmann, H., Cluzeau, D., Banse, M., Bengtsson, J., Guernion, M., Zaller, J., Roslin, T., Scheu, S., Gómez Calero, J-A., Schmoock, I., Linsler, D., and all collaborators: Ecosystem services driven by the diversity of soil biota – understanding and management in agriculture. EGU, Vienna, Austria, April 2017 (presentation).

Schmoock, I., Linsler, D., Potthoff, M.: Indicating resilience and sustainability in arable soil systems across Europe; Response of the soil microbial biomass to tillage reductions in four European countries. GfÖ, Ghent, Belgium, December 2017 (poster).

Potthoff, M.: Ecosystem services driven by soil biota – understanding, valuation, and management, the SoilMan-Project. 6th Rhine-Waal Soil and Plant Ecology Seminar 2018, Kleve, Germany, February 2018 (presentation).

Linsler, D.: SoilMan: Soil biota responses to soil management – field sites conception and first results. 6th Rhine-Waal Soil and Plant Ecology Seminar 2018, Kleve, Germany, February 2018 (presentation).

Beylich, A., Graefe, U.: Tillage effects on enchytraeid diversity: Comparison of two field trials in Germany and Sweden, BONARES Conference, Berlin, Germany, February 2018 (poster).

Torppa, K., Viketoft, M., Bengtsson, J. Taylor, A.: Ploughing reduces earthworm abundance and bioturbation. OIKOS, Trondheim, Norway, February 2018 (poster).



BiodivERsA COFUND Call on “Understanding and managing biodiversity dynamics to improve ecosystem functioning and delivery of ecosystem services in a global change context: the cases of soils and sediments, and land- river and sea-scapes