Work package 3: From Practice to Services


Develop a mechanistic model integrating soil biota performance data on ecosystem service provision with data on soil biota abundance and diversity.


  • Perturbations of complex soil communities by farm-based soil management practices cause direct and indirect losses in ecosystem services provision

  • Reduced soil management intensities stimulate soil biota activities and increase soil carbon sequestration

  • The performance of functional groups of soil biota depends on soil management factors across Europe.

Leaders of the work package: T. Roslin, SLU Sweden; S. Scheu, UGOE Germany


Task 3.1 Comprehensive analysis of patterns in biological data across sites

Task 3.2 Connection of biodiversity data across sites and ecosystem service provisions

Task 3.3 Impact of soil biotic interactions on carbon dynamics

Task 3.4 Impact of soil biotic interactions on disease suppression